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“Ramos’s lovely, playful art pulls off the tricky task of evoking Delaunay’s while standing strongly on its own.”

– Maria Russo, “New York Times” book review on “Sonia Delaunay. A Life Of Color”, published by MoMA –

Fatinha Ramos is an Antwerp-based illustrator and visual artist originally from Portugal. After working for twelve years in design and art direction, she took the leap of faith to follow the old dream of becoming a full-time illustrator. With strong conceptual illustrations, she takes you on a journey through a unique universe of rich colors and singular textures. Her destination? To strike an emotional chord with you.
She often raises important social issues such as global warming, sexism, racism, giving a voice to those who need to be heard.

In addition to editorial illustrations, children’s books, cultural and governmental illustrations, advertisement, murals, animation, fashion, theater, ceramics, and personal projects, she also gives talks, lectures and workshops around the world.

Clients include: MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art), Google, The New York Times, TIME, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The Smithsonian Magazine, The Boston Globe,  Amnesty International, Flemish Government…

Her work has been internationally recognized by American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators NY, 3×3 Magazine, Communication Arts, World Illustrations Awards, Creative Quarterly, Global Illustration Awards, Cannes Lions, and many more.

Welcome to the wondrous world of Fatinha.



Excellence Award, Communication Arts Illustration Annual 63, (USA)
. Selected Winner American Illustration 41 Annual Book and Exhibition, (USA)

. Pro Overall Winner World Illustration Awards, AOI, (UK)
. Pro Category Winner World Illustration Awards, AOI, (UK)
. Selected winner Illustrators 64 exhibit and book, Society of Illustrators New York, (USA)
. Merit Hiii Illustration Awards, China
. Selected Winner, American Illustration 40th Anniversary Annual Award Book, (USA)
. 2 Excellence Awards, Communication Arts Illustration Annual 62, (USA)
. Merit Award 3×3 International Illustration Annual No.18, New York (USA
. Gold Award Institutional, Illustration West 59, Society of Illustrators L.A, (USA)
. Gold Award Children’s Market, Illustration West 59, Society of Illustrators L.A, (USA)
. Patrick Nagel Award of Excellence, Illustration West 59, Society of Illustrators L.A, (USA)
. Selected to represent Belgium in Bratislava Biennial of Illustration, (BE/SI)
. Nomination for Children’s and Youth Jury Flanders, (BE)

. Illustrators 63 exhibit and book, Society of Illustrators New York, (USA)
. Silver Award, JIA – Japan Illustrators Association, (JP)
. American Illustration 39, (USA)
. Shortlisted, World Illustration Awards, AOI (UK)
. 3×3 Show Nº17 (USA)
. Nomination for the Children’s and Youth Jury of Flanders/Kinder- en Jeugdjury Vlaanderen (BE)
. Best of The Best, Hiii Illustration (CN)

. Society of Illustrators New York (USA)
. Communication Arts magazine (USA)
. 3×3 Show Nº16 (USA)
. World Illustration Award, AOI, (UK)
. Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (SVK)
. Sharjah Children’s Books Illustrations Festival (SAU)
. The Children Spectators for Bologna Children’s Book Fair (IT)
. Winner Creative Quarterly (USA)
. Society of Illustrators LA (USA)

. Society of Illustrators, New York (USA)
. 3×3 Show Nº15 (USA)
. World Illustration Award, AOI (UK)
. Winner Creative Quarterly (USA)
. The White Ravens
. Global Illustration Awards, Frankfurt Buchmesse (CN)

.  Society of Illustrators, New York (USA)
. Communication Arts magazine (USA)
. 3×3 Show Nº14 (USA)
. Winner Creative Quarterly (USA)
. Global Illustration Awards, Frankfurt Buchmesse (CN)
. Bronze Lion in Design, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (FR)
. Nami Island International Book Illustration Awards (South Korea)

. Society of Illustrators, New York (USA)
. Best of the Best Hiii Illustration (CN)
. 3×3 Show Nº13 (USA)
. Winner Creative Quarterly (USA)
. Global Illustration Awards, Frankfurt Buchmesse (CN)
. Lürzer’s Archive, 200 Best Illustrators worldwide (USA)
. International Illustration Competition, São João da Madeira (PT)

. 3×3 Show Nº12 (USA)
. International Illustration Competition, São João da Madeira (PT)


2022. Em Mim, Câmara Municipal Barreiro, Lisbon (PT)
The Wondrous World of Fatinha, Art Noveau Museum, Aveiro (PT)
2018. House of Innovation, Antwerp, (BE)
2018. Bologna Art Fair 2018 :  Sonia Delaunay. A Life Of Color, Edizioni Fatatrac at Libreria Giannino Stoppani, Bologna (IT)
Selva, Kornél, Antwerp, (BE)
2015. Douro Art Fair, Fundação Eça de Queirós, Douro, (PT)
2014. Unbreakable, Antwerp, Belgium / Unbreakable, Oporto, (PT)
1984. Portraits, Child Orthopedic Hospital, Coimbra, (PT)


2022. Palco Scenici Di Carta, Giannino Stoppani, Bologna, (IT)
Illustrators 64 Exhibit, Museum of Illustration New York, (USA)
Illusoir, Gent (BE)
World Illustration Awards, London, (UK)
2021.“De ABC kamer”, Villa Verbeelding: Museum of Illustration Hasselt, (BE)
Permanent exhibition entitled “The Illustration Room”, Villa Verbeelding: Museum of Illustration Hasselt, (BE)
Illustrators 63 exhibit and book, Society of Illustrators New York, (USA)
Original Illustration Exhibition (CICLA), Shangai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition Center (CN)
100 illustrators for Gianni Rodari,  Lucca Comics & Games, Lucca (IT)
2020. 100 illustrators for Gianni Rodari, Permanent expo, Gianni Rodari Library, Rome (IT)
Bratislava Biennale, Villa Verbeelding, Hasselt (BE)
2020. Antwerpen Haantjes, Antwerpen, (BE)
2019. Picture Festival, Bozar, Brussels, (BE)
2019. ‘Sharjah Exhibition for Children’s Books Illustrations’, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
2019. O wonder, klein wonder, Sint-Niklaas, (BE)
2019. llustrating life IV-2019, International Illustration & Contemporary Life, Beijing, (CN)
2019. Revolução Motim, Salón do Libro Infantil e Xuvenil de Pontevedra, Pontevedra (SP)
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2019. Ceres, Hof De Bist Castle, Antwerp, (BE)
2019. Illustrators 61 Exhibit – Book and Editorial, Society of Illustrators, New York (USA)
2018. World Illustration Awards 2018, AOI, Somerset House, London (UK)
2018. De Mooiesten het de land., Villa Verbeelding / Imagination Museum, Hasselt (BE)
2017. The Original Art”, Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York
2017. Guest Illustrator at “Illustrating Life III 2017”, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Ministry of Culture, Beijing
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2017. My Petite Bourgeois Revolution, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, (CA)
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2016. I want to ride my bicycle”, University Aveiro, (PT)
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2013. One armed man: Pinup, Antwerp, (BE)
2013. Relics Event – Kunst Festival, Antwerp, (BE)
2007. Collective Canvas Exhibition, Antwerp, (BE)


2021. The Boy Who Liked to Draw Cats, Michael De Cock, Standaard Uitgeverij, (BE)
Tourmaline, Davide Cali, De Eenhorn, (BE)
Love Around The World vol: II, Fleur Pierets, Six Foot Press, New York, (USA)
 Love Around The World vol: I, Fleur Pierets, Six Foot Press, New York, (USA)
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2014. Op Zoek naar Yori; Winny Ang, Sesam, (BE)


2020. Encuentro Virtual, Art students of the National University of Rio Negro (AR)
TEDx . The Power of Resilience and Vulnerability. Antwerp, (BE)
2019. City of Asylum. Pittsburgh (USA)
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