Sonia Delaunay. A Life Of Color
MoMA – The Museum Of Modern Art

The New York Times book review:

“Art is all around us, always,” the early 20th-century artist Sonia Delaunay says to her son in this ingenious book, part biography, part lesson in color and design theory. Manes, a curator at the Museum of Modern Art, has Delaunay, a pioneer of abstraction, take off in a colorful flying car to show her son the colors, patterns and textures that shape her work. Even sounds and feelings, she shows, can be incorporated into design. Ramos’s lovely, playful art pulls off the tricky task of evoking Delaunay’s while standing strongly on its own.”

Young Charles´s mother, the artist Sonia Delaunay, tries to capture the colors, shapes, and sounds of the modern world in her artwork.Together they fly across Europe in their magical car so that Charles-encountering new sights, sounds and feelings-can learn how, for his mother, life and art are one and the same.

Featuring vivid reproductions of Sonia´s work from the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and The Centre Pompidou, Paris, this book brings her most fundamental ideas about ar and life into focus for young readers.

Writer: Cara Manes / Illustrations: Fatinha Ramos, with artwork by Sonia Delaunay

Published: MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art New York

Featuring reproductions of Delaunay’s colorful artwork, this book is a charming introduction to abstraction and to a groundbreaking artist of the early twentieth century.

Sonia Delaunay – Life of COLOR from Pasquale Baseotto on Vimeo.

Winner Excellence Global Illustration Award for “Original Unpublished Children´s Picture Book”, Frankfurt Buchmesse, Germany